Plug In Display Refigerator
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Plug In Display Refigerator

The half-height multi-layer refrigerator is the product of modern scientific and technological progress. The half-height refrigerator has a low height, a new display angle, a novel and smooth appearance, exquisite and stable appearance, although it occupies a small area but has a large capacity and strong practicability; it adopts multi-layer products The display design can be placed separately or freely spliced to carry out multi-directional product display with high added value; at the same time, it adopts multi-layer partitions for free combination, adjustable angle, and different display effects. In terms of quality, the product adopts brand-name compressors and evaporators, which are energy-saving and efficient, meeting the needs of businesses for energy saving and consumption reduction; adopts microcomputer control of the automatic frosting system, saving labor costs and troubles for manual defrosting; adopts a unique air curtain design , The cooling capacity is even and stable, the preservation is more in place, and the effect is more outstanding.
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This product makes shopping more convenient and can display a variety of refrigerated foods. Adjustable shelf support,making the shelf present different placement angles in order to form a quantitative ladder display.
Good refrigeration performance, high energy saving efficiency, can offer better commodity temperature, can maintain food freshness for longer time Low energy consumption, low refrigerant leakage,convenient for maintenance and cleaning.
Dimension complies with the principle of ergonomics, which enhances the shopping desire of customer. New anticollision design complying with mechanical principles, avoiding shopping cart impact.
The natural defrosting system can reduce the impact of temperature rise on food quality during defrosting. Suitable for fast moving consumer goods and pre-processed food
Achieve a more visual effect while fully demonstrating the charm of the product

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Plug-in Display Refrigerator

S131-1875ZX 2045×1095×1350
S131-2500Zx 2670×1095×1350
S231-1250Zx 1420×1095×1550
S231-1875ZX 2045×1095×1550
S231-2115ZX 2285×1095×1550
S231-2500Zx 2670×1095×1550
S231G-1250Zx 1420×1095×1650
S231G-1875Zx 2045×1095×1650
S231G-2500Zx 2670×1095×1650
S231G-3750Zx 3920×1095×1650
S231G-CPZX 2285×1095×1650

Plug In Display Refigerator

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